Special transportation in Ecuador

Special transportation in Ecuador

Thanks to our long and diverse field experience, accompanying and organizing trips and expeditions in the most inhospitable and remote places of our country, we have learned to decipher and respond to the needs of each of our clients, in any condition.

Our special transportation and logistics services meet the priorities and objectives that each client requires in the countryside or in the city. Our entire team adapts to each situation in an efficient and effective, safe and responsible manner.

Transport of professional equipment

Transport of professional equipment in Ecuador

Special materials and supplies need an adequate, reliable and safe transportation service.

Our work in conditioning, transporting and tracking this type of cargo has been used in various fields, such as scientific explorations, field research projects for universities and the realization of audiovisual projects on land and sea, for television and film.

We are familiar with these specific and sensitive materials and know how to handle them.

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Transport of biological material

Transport of biological material in Ecuador

For several years we have specialized in the transport of healthy or contaminated biological samples.

We have experience offering this service for various biological and ecological studies for NGOs, study groups and universities.

An all-round service!

During the health crisis 2020-2021 (COVID-19) we have responsibly and safely moved a large number of PCR tests and contaminated material between sampling sites and laboratories.

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Scouting Service

Scouting Service in Ecuador

Do you have a special project that requires structured preparation and local logistics to find the right places and people for your activity?

With our exploration and scouting services we help you to find unique and adapted locations, local contacts and obtain the appropriate legal permits for your activity.



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