Logistical support in Ecuador

Logistical support in Ecuador

There are professional situations that require high quality logistical support and transportation services.

Toucan Express puts at your service its experience and know-how in the organization of logistic support services in Ecuador for all your fixing projects, journalistic assistance, scientific missions and other professional assignments.

Logistics, fixing and journalistic assistance

Logistics, fixing and journalistic assistance

For several years, we have been working to put our expertise at the service of photography, television and film.

Our extensive knowledge of the region, the ecosystems and their populations allows us to offer a quality fixing and logistical support service. In partnership with Fixing Experience, the agency specialized in assistance for audiovisual projects, we offer assistance service packages for any journalistic project.

We put at your disposal a wide range of means of transport that allow you to make trips adapted to the needs of the shooting…. Booking private cruises for you and your group is also possible. The logistics necessary for the deployment in time and space of these transports is managed by our team, with a lot of experience in this type of practices.

Our professional drivers, as well as our knowledge of the terrain, have allowed us to assist in the making of several naturalistic documentaries on the spectacled bear, hummingbirds, condors, volcanoes of Ecuador, Galapagos underwater fauna and many other subjects, for major television networks and production companies such as BBC, NHK, France 5, TV5, or ARTE.

We also assist you in obtaining the necessary permits for filming and photography activities, as well as other procedures involved in entering a protected natural area, whether public or private.

With our years of experience and all our knowledge, we will provide you with the logistical means necessary for the optimization and smooth running of your audiovisual productions.


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Some of our fixing missions

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Scientific expeditions

Scientific expeditionsOur perfect knowledge of the territory and our fleet of vehicles adapted to all terrains has helped a large number of scientific and research projects for the realization of biological inventories, baseline studies, research projects, long-term sampling, etc.

Our team of professionals with expertise in para-biology, assist during all phases of the field, both for transportation, assembly and disassembly, sampling and technical support, as well as for the pre-logistics and realization of hygienic and environmentally friendly camps and additionally providing essential information of utmost importance such as: accessibility, distances, terrain difficulties, access to water sources, local resources, translators and more.

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Some of our scientific expeditions

  • Research project:  Trichopteras del Ecuador (2016-2020) – UDLA / University of Minnesota
  • Research project: Taxonomía de Streaked Saltator (Saltator striatipectus) en la isla Puná – Ecuador.
  • Logistical support for the Reuniones Ecuatorianas de Ornitologia
  • Research project: The nest, eggs and nestlings of Fulvous Antshrike, Frederickena fulva from north-east Ecuador
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A wide range of vehicles adapted to every need and terrain

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