Rent a car in Ecuador

Rent a car in Ecuador

Looking for a vehicle to rent and travel on your own?

Discover our range of rental vehicles for all your travel and transportation needs in Ecuador. In addition, we offer all kinds of extras to make your trip more enjoyable, in family, group or individual and in any area of the country.

Rent a car in Ecuador

Rent a car in Ecuador

Do you need a vehicle for a family outing?

A 4×4 vehicle that adapts to our varied geography?

Toucan Express understands the needs of vehicles in a complex geographical context such as Ecuador.

All our units are regularly maintained to ensure that your trip runs smoothly.

We have experience working with tourists, institutions and research projects, we know that a rental is not only the vehicle, but the whole service that encompasses it to have satisfied customers.

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Rent a truck in Ecuador

Rent a truck in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country with a very varied geography and a lot to discover.

Do you have a move, or material to transport? Or maybe you are going on a family trip and you have a lot of luggage that would not fit in a sedan type vehicle? 

For many, a van is a plus and our double cab vans will allow you to carry out your activity with the security of having a vehicle with space to transport what you need.

Toucan Express vans are enclosed so you can be sure that all your belongings will arrive at their destination without any inconvenience.

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Rent a bus in Ecuador

Ren a bus in Ecuador¿Tienes un paseo familiar o una salida empresarial?

Disponemos de vehículos con capacidad de 6 hasta 16 pasajeros (Hyundai H1, Peugeot Rifter, Renault Crafter o Toyota Hiace) que se adaptarán al número de pasajeros para que ellos puedan viajar cómodamente.

Y si no te sientes cómodo conduciendo este tipo de vehículos más voluminosos también disponemos de chóferes profesionales para que tú también puedas disfrutar el paisaje.

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Special transport rental

Special transport rental in Ecuador¿Necesitas un vehículo específico?, ¿Un bus sería necesario para ese paseo escolar que tanto añoras?

Indícanos tus necesidades, explícanos tu viaje y nosotros te propondremos el vehículo indicado para que pases un momento agradable en la carretera.

Recuerde que  para ciertos vehículos es necesario tener una licencia profesional y si tú no tienes una, Toucan Express tiene los mejores chóferes que te podrán servir con dedicación y experiencia.

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Car rental with driver

Car rental with driver in Ecuador

Traveling is your passion but you want to enjoy the scenery or sleep to reach your destination full of energy?

Toucan Express has a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, as well as its qualified drivers, professionals used to working in the tourism sector, thanks to whom your long trip will be transformed into a pleasant ride. All you have to do is get in and admire the beautiful landscapes of Ecuador.

Are you a foreigner and would like a driver who speaks your language? 

No problem, we have bilingual drivers and we can guide you in 7 languages.


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Equipment included in the vehicle rental

With Toucan Express, renting a vehicle goes beyond and includes all the necessary equipment for your well-being during the trip.

In each vehicle you will find a GPS to avoid getting lost on the most remote routes.

A dispenser filled with purified water to travel with peace of mind. In addition, you will avoid generating plastic garbage, environmental awareness is one of our priorities.

A first aid kit according to the law.

A fire extinguisher always charged according to the law.

An emergency tire, as well as all the necessary material to change it.

In addition, if you need it for your family, we have seats for children of all ages so that even the youngest can enjoy the trip with all the safety they deserve.

If you have a special requirement, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your service to make your trip, with our rental car, a pleasant adventure.



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Procedures with our rental vehicles

Procedures with our rental vehicles in Ecuador

Whether you are in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca or Chimborazo, we deliver a vehicle with risk insurance according to your needs wherever you are.

All our units are constantly disinfected and respect a strict biosecurity protocol for your health and that of your loved ones.


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A wide range of vehicles adapted to every need and terrain

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If you have a special request, our team is waiting for your call!